Planetary Defenses

There are four types of shields that can be employed for defensive purposes.

Level 1 Shield: Energy-based energy dispersal system. Designed to ward cosmic radiation, and will prove utterly ineffective to orbital bombardment.

Level 2 Shield: Energy-based energy dispersal system. Upgraded Level 1 version able to withstand conventional orbital bombardment weapons.

Level 3 Shield: Partical-based physical deflection system. Designed to deter incoming asteriod collision and other space debris exceeding 3 × 10^5 ton magnitude mass incursion. Does not address energy-based weapons, only kinetic bombardment and space matter. Invasion forces under 3 × 10^5 ton magnitude mass are able to penetrate the shield.

Level 4 Shield: Military-grade combined energy and partical-based defensive sphere, designed to deflect all manner of energy and physical incursions. Will deter all orbital bombardments and invasion incursions.

Each of these shield types offers different types of protection, though share the same base components to activate and sustain operation. All shields require an adequate power source, an energy transformer, and a projection device/facility. Should one of these components be disabled or not working properly, the shield will not operate.

Orbital/Extra-Orbital Range Artillery
Extremely large energy-based artillery stations that can direct fire at targets orbiting the planet. Weapons capable of displacing more energy can reach targets beyond the immediate orbit of the planet, making traversing in realspace a dangerous endeavor. Such weapons can co-exist with planetary shield defenses, however the shielding must be opened or de-activated to allow friendly fire to escape.

Orbital Defense Stations and Battle Stations
The concept of space stations goes back to the dawn of the Republic. Harnessing the firepower of a naval fleet, and brimming with fighters, space stations are a formidible component of a planet’s defense grid. Orbital Defense Stations remain fixed in orbit around a planet (immobile), while Battle Stations are able to leave a planet’s orbit and travel at will. Some Battle Station are hyper-drive equipt.

Planetary Defenses

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