Darth Sidious. The epitome of treacherous tyranny and an exemplary Sith Lord for the ages. He created a mighty Imperial Empire, millions of loyal soldiers, and a network of oppression and fear designed to grip the Galaxy for a thousand years. An outstanding achievement, with one exception … he failed.

But there is hope for a coming Darkness.

Unbeknownst to Sidious, the spirit of his former Master, Darth Plagueis, remains disembodied on the Outer Rim world of Hypori. Bound by the Dark Force crystals that grow there in abundance, the imprisoned Dark Lord of the Sith waits for an apprentice to rejuvenate the Sith Order, marching silently again to Galactic Domination. From the skies above Hypori comes a young boy, destined to don the mantle of Sith power. Darth Mecurius strives to mobilize the forgotten, by creating masterful enterprises of insurgency and deceit, and regain the lost glory of the Sith.

Darkness may yet again dawn on the unsuspecting Galaxy …

The Darkness of Dawn