The official definition of a droid is “a mechanical being with a self-aware consciousness, as distinguished from a computer by having a self-contained method of locomotion.” Droids vary with such vastness, many feel they should be classified as another species. No two droids are alike, between make, model, and AI. Most Galactic citizens see droids as not alive, and property without rights. Most Galactic citizens customarily wipe their memory banks on a regular basis to prevent the onset of independence. Some owners allow their droids AI function to grow and thrive, gaining intelligence and wisdom over centuries. The reality is that Galactic civilization has come to depend on droids, and the notion of their independence is more than inconvenient … it is threatening.
There were five Classes (or Degrees) of droids, whose classification based upon creativity, intelligence, and capacity for independent thought. It is also depended on the nature of work they were built for, as well as the functions they perform.

Class One or First-Degree

Class one droids were programmed to work in the fields of mathematics, physics, physical sciences, and medicine. Although they studied these fields they were hardly ever programmed to apply their knowledge to every-day situations. Class one droids were considered to be little more than computers since all they usually did was make calculations. They tended to be more expensive, on average, than droids in any other category. There are four subcategories of class one droids.
Medical Droids
Droids that work in laboratories to develop and test new medicines, droids programmed to treat patients, and droids programmed to assist doctors and surgeons were Medical droids. Unlike other class one droids, medical droids are commonly found practicing the art that they are programmed with.
Biological Science Droids
Biological science droids are programmed to study the life of plants, animals, and mineral life. Droids of this type tend to endure, being designed to withstand all manner of exterior conditions. They are designed to gather data on biological processes, while also recording miscellaneous data, such as temperature, barometric pressure, and thermal indexes.
Physical Science Droids
Physical science droids work in the fields of physical science. These fields included astronomy, cosmology, hyper physics, and trans-dimensional quantum metaphysics. They study phenomena found in the physical world along with coming up with and testing theories.
Mathematics Droids
Mathematics droids are programmed to work in the field of mathematics,they make billions of calculations in short periods of time. Less sophisticated math droids are used as accountants.

Class Two or Second Degree Droids

Class two droids are programmed in engineering and other technical sciences. However they differ from class one droids because they apply the science to real-life situations. Class two droids are rarely equipped with basic vocabulators. Instead they communicate through binary. There are six subcategories of class two droids.
Astromech Droids
Astromech droids could interface with most starships. Their primary purpose is to calculate hyperspace jumps, although most have other functions such as making repairs to starships or running some of its functions during flight. Astromech droids with advanced AI networks have been known to act as co-pilots.
Exploration Droids
Exploration droids are programmed to explore planets and test them for natural resources. They are also used to explore asteroid fields, possible hyperspace lanes and even deep space. They are valued for their analysis abilities. Groups of such droids would be deployed to create a relative knowledge network, and relay data over incredibly vast distances.
Environmental Droids
Environmental droids are droids programmed to study and influence the environment of terrestrial planets. These droids are typically designed for the specific condition intended to be worked in. Varieties of environmental droids would be required for terra-forming.
Engineering Droids
Engineering droids are programmed to undergo engineering tasks. They perform in the fields of aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, material engineering, and others. Their task is to directly execute, or assist in the analysis of engineering operations.
Repair Droids
Repair droids are more sophisticated and able to make technical repairs to starships. These droids sometimes work in conjunction with engineering droids to perform civic welfare projects. Repair droids are known for completing more involved and complex repairs; most other simpler repairs are performed by Class Five Droids.
Surveillance and Reconnaissance Droids
Surveillance droids and recon droids serve virtually similar functions. Both specialize at moving undetected into hostile or neutral territory and gather information. Gathered information is typically transmitted via encrypted data wavelengths. They differ in that surveillance droids follow or hide to gather information on a specific target, recon droids enter territories with he intent of learning about that territory. Sometimes, these functions are combined, so that the recon component finds a target, then the surveillance component engages to keep track of his whereabouts and communications.

Class Three or Third Degree Droids

Class three droids are programmed to interact with humans. They are considered to be the most advanced droids ever invented. There are six subcategories of class three droids.
Luxury Droids
Luxury droids are considered the first class three droid created. They are utilized as companions, consorts, and servants when one desires to convey wealth or status. Luxury droids ar considered the most human-like androids in existence, and therefore the most expensive. Instances are known of beings developing relationships with advanced AI luxury droids, along with a refusal to wipe their memories in order to preserve their personality.
Protocol Droids
Protocol droids are programmed for diplomacy and translation, often with the knowledge of millions of different languages and cultures. They were mainly used by ambassadors and diplomats.
Servant Droids
Servant droids are programmed to work in private households as butlers, maids, or personal chefs. In higher social castes, many droids of this type are passed along to descendants to maintain family culture.
Tactical Droids
Tactical droids serve as generals and military advisors to both human and mechanized armies alike. They are programmed with the wisdom of ages of warfare, and are feared for their grasp of military doctrine. Like tutor droids, tactical droids grow more useful (and more powerful) when their memories are not erased.
Tutor Droids
Tutor droids are programmed to teach students, young and aged alike. They are programmed with a vast amount of knowledge to pass on to their students, along with teaching methods to best deliver their information. Tutor droids tend have their memories wiped the least, so that some degree of wisdom can be passed onto students.
Child Care Droids
Child care droids are programmed to take care and sometimes even protect children. Some were not much more than expensive kids toys.

Class Four or Fourth Degree Droids

Class four droids are programmed to fight. Almost all class four droids carried weapons. Armed combat droids were among the first droids ever created. There are four subcategories of class four droids:
Security Droids
Security droids were used to guard businesses, households, and other buildings. These type of security droids carried non-lethal weapons or simple alarms. Other security droids performed police and municiple enforcement functions. These type of security droids carried blaster weapons. Such droids coud be programmed for termination or apprehension of transgressors.
Gladiator Droids
Gladiator droids were programmed to fight other droids or sometimes even organic beings for entertainment. Onlookers would watch as the droids fought to the death in the battle arena.
Battle Droids
Battle droids were usually used to build armies. They were easier and cheaper to create than an all organic army. Battle droids could be simple or more powerful, able to perform recon or drive tanks or other artillery mechs. Key to their success was an operable command and control apparatus.
Assassin Droids
Assassin droids are used by assassins and bounty hunters to eliminate their targets. Assassin droids are the only droids built to specifically kill organics. Their forma can resemble human-like beings, or be smaller systems able to delivery gas or other poisons.

Class Five or Fifth Degree Droids

Class five droids are simple labor droids that performed menial labor that no one wanted to do. Class five droids are encountered more often than any other type of droid. There are three subcategories of class five droids.
General Labor Droids
General labor droids were programmed to do whatever labor their owners wanted them to do, such as heavy lifting.
Labor Specialist Droids
Labor-specialist droids were programmed to do one job and specialize in it. Examples would be assembly line arc welders or food order interface processors. having minimal AI potential, these droids did very poorly at other tasks.
Hazardous-service Droids
Hazardous-service droids were programmed to do the jobs organics couldn’t due to a hazardous environment. HS droids differ from environmental droids in that the former are designed to work in spite of these conditions, and the latter are designed to understand the conditions.


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